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Adapt. is designed to help calm a nervous horse, help him or her better adapt to stress, come back into balance (homeostasis), and strengthen the overall immune system.

Adapt. is made with our favorite tonic, adaptogen and nervine herbs… Tonic herbs build, strengthen and nourish tissues, restoring tone and function; Adaptogens offer strength, stamina and stress relief; Nervine relaxants help nourish and restore the nervous system and provide a calming effect. 

Intended for anxious horses, those stuck in fight or flight mode, horses who need help transitioning from high stress situations, or horses with weakened immune systems. Adapt. can help reduce high cortisol levels, nourish the adrenals, calm the nervous system, increase circulation & promote overall wellbeing.

Adapt. blend is strengthening to the immune system, relaxing, soothing, supports a normal inflammatory response, balanced hormones and more.

Managing the physiological response to stress can help one become comfortable in their own skin again & less reactive to stressful situations. 

Adapt. +Chaste Tree Berry (see: Add-On Option in drop down menu) can support horses with Cushing's disease by helping to lower elevated cortisol levels (ACTH), strengthening the immune system, supporting healthy blood sugar levels and more. Strengthening the immune system is critical for horses with Cushing's as they're dealing with a weakened immune system, which can make them prone to infection and more.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Relaxes an anxious mind

  • Helps restore the nervous system

  • Nourishes the adrenal glands

  • Supports a calmer, happier disposition

  • Helps reduce elevated cortisol levels (ACTH)

  • Supports balanced hormones (including cortisol, 'the stress hormone')

  • Supports a normal inflammatory response 
  • Supports balanced blood sugar (including insulin)

  • Supports cardiovascular function

  • Supports respiratory function

  • Supports more restful sleep, minimizing exhaustion

  • Supports digestion, coat health & weight maintenance for Cushing's horses

  • Strengthens overall immune system

  • Anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties

Ingredients: Ashwagandha Root*, Astragalus Root*, Chamomile Flowers*, Holy Basil*, Lemon Balm*, Reishi Mushroom*, Rhodiola Root* & Spirulina*. *Certified organic ingredient. (This is a powdered, herbal blend.)

Serving Size: 12 g (approx 1/2 scoop), twice daily, per every 1,000 lbs of body weight.

Add-On Option: Chaste Tree Berry powder can be included at 7 g per serving via selection in the drop down menu. (Serving size goes up to 15.5 g twice daily.)

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place.

Adapt. pairs well with our Magnesium Glycinate & Elite Signature Nuggets for a higher level of calming support in tough cases.

Warning: Please pause use during acute bacterial or viral illnesses. Do not use in conjunction with sedatives, anticonvulsants or stimulants.  

Related Testimonials:

Adapt. has definitely improved Cosmo's grumpy attitude, and he seems much happier about being touched and brushed!”

-Sarah B. (re: anxiety)

"Our OTTB mare has sleep crashed regularly for the past decade, that we’re aware of. She would refuse to let her guard down to lay down and get REM sleep at night (we have cameras on her). As a result, her exhaustion would catch up with her, and she would sleep crash several times a day during her stand-up naps (her knees failed to lock & she had permanent scabs on her fetlocks from catching herself). However, since putting her on Adapt. blend, she finally lays down to rest each day and is no longer sleep crashing!!! This is such a big deal to us as her sleep crashing has even given her a traumatic leg injury before, when she fell onto ice in winter. Knowing her body isn't running on fumes anymore, and finally seeing her lay down to rest, is everything to us!"

-The Wilga’s & Megan P. (previous owner). (re: sleep crashing)

THIS STUFF WORKS AMAZING! Here are the biggest things I noticed when my horses weren’t on Adapt... weird hairs growing in random places instead of a nice, even winter coats and trouble gaining / keeping weight on. Now that they’re on Adapt. + Chaste Tree Berry, they have beautiful winter coats coming in evenly, and they're gaining back lost weight and muscle!” 

-Lindsay A. (re: Cushing's disease)

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