Yucc' It Up!® founder, owner, Board Certified Master Herbalist & formulator, Daryl Anne, is available for consultations upon request. If you're having trouble determining which products might be best for your horse’s (or dog’s) needs, would like support with overall diet or think your horse may require a custom blend, please send an email to to schedule your call. 

     Daryl Anne is passionate about learning your horse's unique situation, reviewing symptoms, lab work results (blood work / hair tissue mineral analysis), his or her current diet to analyze each ingredient, explaining the impact these can have on the horse's immune system, and discussing dietary and lifestyle changes to help your horse's body come back into balance and into a state where the body can heal itself; homeostasis.

     Historically, Daryl Anne has been successful in discovering problematic ingredients or nutritional deficiencies behind various health conditions and creating custom regimens to help horses overcome issues that previously failed to be managed or corrected, saving many horses from euthanasia, drastically improving quality of life, and helping horses to THRIVE!

     Whether your horse is an FEI level champion, a weekend warrior or your backyard companion, his or her nutritional well being and performance is equally important to Daryl Anne. 

1 Hour Consultation (1x1): $75.00

30 Minute Consultation (1x1): $40.00

Purchase includes one free admission to our live Zoom round table meetings where Daryl Anne discusses various equine nutrition topics and makes herself available to customers for quick questions.

Click here to connect with Daryl Anne and schedule your private consultation to get your horse feeling his or her best.

When Your Horse Feels Good, Life Is Good.

Daryl Anne is a Board Certified Master Herbalist. She is not a veterinarian. Please consult with your veterinarian for medical advice.