We're proud to partner with and / or recommend the following companies in order to offer your horses more avenues for healing and thriving. Check out the products below and let us know if you have any questions! 

  • Natural tick-borne disease treatment (Lyme)
  • Natural parasite treatment (de-wormer)
  • Naturally-mined mineral salt (electrolyte support)



Bor L Immune - for Lyme disease & other tick borne infections

We cannot say enough good about this product. Created by Herbalist, Joyce Belcher, owner of Sustenance Herbs, this tincture eradicated (i.e., none detected) Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis from two of our dogs and our horses. If you'd like to see the lab reports, please ask, we're happy to share! Unlike synthetic antibiotics, which merely temporarily weaken these spirochete bacteria and negatively impact gut health (which is crucial for overall well-being), these herbs have the keen intelligence to only knock out the bad bacteria while protecting the good bacteria - and in our experience, they have a much higher success rate with expelling the bad bacteria, helping to avoid chronic suffering and flare ups in the future.

Bor-L-Immune® is for use with dogs and horses during tick season, formerly known as Antispirochete Formula.

Ingested daily at the first sighting of ticks and throughout tick season will help support the Interleukin 2, Th1 and Th2 immune response.  During a tick bite, the saliva of the tick inhibits TH1 immune response, Spirochetes take advantage of this to colonize in the tissues.

  • Supports a Healthy Immune Response
  • Enhances Normal Liver, Spleen and Thymus Function
  • Protects Heart Muscle
  • Enhances CD-4 White Blood Cells

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Sustenance Equine Herbal Dewormer

by Sustenance Herbs

Made with all certified organic ingredients, this blend naturally creates an uninhabitable environment for parasites.

Timing around the Lunar cycle is optimal, 2 days before, the day of and 2 days after the full moon. Use 1 Tablespoon per dose per horse, they love the taste!

The worming is started two days before a full moon (the moon waxing) and finishes two days after a full moon (the moon waning), for a total of five days. This practice is still followed in many parts of rural Europe and has demonstrated consistently good results using moon cycles every second month. However the parasite load in the US is much higher than in Europe so we recommend using it monthly following the Lunar Cycle, this is where we see optimal results.

Nutrition is Key to good health, to maintain a healthy environment for good gut flora to flourish using Equine Herbal wormer on a monthly cycle is optimal.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Peppermint, Organic Chamomile, Organic Cleavers, Organic Anise, Organic Thyme, Organic Dulse, Organic Neem Leaf, Organic Elecampane Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Garlic.





Our trusted aid for supporting balanced electrolyte levels year-round, while offering our horses naturally occurring minerals for overall well-being.

What is Daily Red Crushed?

Daily Red Crushed (mineral salt) is a pure, unrefined sea salt from a salt deposit in Redmond, Utah. It’s the same salt as our Redmond Rock salt on a rope, just in a granular form. It’s ideal for when your horse is working extra hard, you’re traveling, or any time you want to make sure your horse is getting the salt and electrolytes he needs. Daily Red Crushed encourages drinking and provides all the natural trace minerals and electrolytes found in Redmond Rock. Safely mined with stainless steel equipment vs. dynamite (as found with Himalayan salt, leaving it contaminated with heavy metals), this is a safe, wholesome option for your equine.

Nature’s Essential Minerals

The minerals in Daily Red Crushed can help restore and bring your horse back into balance. By making Crushed part of his everyday regimen, your horse can also become more alive, energetic, stronger, and athletic.

Most horses are deficient in minerals. Today, even natural feeds lack nutrients. Daily Red Crushed plays an important role in providing the essential trace minerals missing from many natural forages. Created by nature, Daily Red Crushed is natural mineral sea salt harvested from deep within the earth in Southern Utah.