We're honored to share about our partnership with Dr. Juliet Getty, of Getty Equine Nutrition, LLC, in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Juliet is an internationally recognized equine nutritionist, author, teacher and guest lecturer. She has had numerous articles published in dozens of renown equine magazines and health journals in the U.S. and internationally. It is an honor to have Dr. Getty reselling our Yucc' It Up! Signature Nuggets and we couldn't be more grateful.
Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. has been working with horse owners for more than 25 years. A pioneer in free choice forage feeding, Dr. Getty's philosophy is founded on feeding a horse in sync with his natural needs and instincts. She approaches equine health from a holistic perspective and considers nutrition a critical (and too often overlooked) element in the prevention and treatment of disease and disorders.  Her unbiased opinions and recommendations are based on scientific research and are independent of feed, supplement, or pharmaceutical company influence. Through private consultations, she designs customized feeding plans to promote horse's health, reverse illness, and optimize performance; she believes every horse owner should include sound nutrition practices to give every horse a lifetime of vibrant health. Getty Equine Nutrition, LLC