Q. Which nugget formula is best for my horse?

A. All of our formulas are designed to support the whole body: immune system, a normal inflammatory response, joints, digestion, neurological function, skin, hair, hooves and bones and protect against free radicals. We do have formulas which are designed to further support horses with specific ailments or conditions, such as our Cushing's / IR / Mood Support formula, designed for horses with Cushing's disease, insulin resistance, moody mares, mares with irregular cycles and aggressive horses. However, most horses do very well on any of our formulas. Please see our "About Our Nuggets" page for more details regarding each formula.

Q. My horse has multiple needs... Should he be on multiple nugget formulas? 

A. No. Each formula is designed to support the whole body, so multiple formulas are not needed. We also fully dose the yucca in our nuggets to meet the needs of a 1,000 lb horse, so putting a horse on multiple nugget formulas at once would provide them more than the recommended dosage. If you’re unsure which formula is best for your horse, even after consulting us, just pick one and see how your horse responds. You can change it up the next round and see if one formulas meets their specific needs better than another.

Q. My horse has ulcers. Which formula is best?

A. Gastric Support was specifically formulated for horses suffering from ulcers, intended to provide maximum support for the gut microbiome and internal tissues, but Original formula also helps horses with ulcers a great deal. We've had horses come completely off of omeprazole and do much better on just Original formula.  

Q. My horse won't eat the nuggets. What do I do?

A. For some reason, most horses who turn their noses up to the nuggets typically only do so for 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, you can break up the nuggets and mix them into their feed or a yummy treat your horse usually enjoys. After around 2-3 weeks, most picky eaters suddenly decide they love the nuggets and will begin to request them from your hand. 

 Q. What's the purpose of the Sampler Pack?

A. To allow your horse the opportunity to taste test our many different formulas before purchasing a full supply. Each formula tastes differently and while most horses love all of our formulas, some prefer certain formulas over others.

Q. Is it safe to offer the Yucc' It Up! nuggets to my horse while he is on other supplements or medications including NSAIDS?

A. Yes, our nuggets are generally safe to take with other supplements and most medications, including NSAIDS. If your horse is on another yucca-based product, you may want to be mindful to not double them up for an extended period of time. (Our Nettles feed topper may interfere with certain medications; please read our comments for that item in the store & check with your veterinarian if you have concerns.)

Q. I didn't follow the herbal feeding pattern! Will my horse be okay?

A. Yes, for sure! The herbal feeding patterns are meant to maintain efficacy over an extended period of time. There are no harmful effects or toxic properties. The only concern with offering the nuggets daily is that over time your horse may not respond as well to it. 

Q. My dog ate some nuggets! Will he be okay?

A. Yes, he should be just fine! In fact he might feel great! :) Again, there are no harmful effects or toxic properties and no ingredients which would be toxic to dogs. The worst case scenario is most likely diarrhea, so be careful to keep them hydrated properly if that happens (sodium, chloride, potassium, water; you know the drill..).

Q. I have long distance travel planned with my horse. How can I support him with your products?

A. Our customers love to support their horses with our Gastric Support formula during periods of high stress, travel, clinics, trail rides, vaccinations and more. This formula supports normal digestion, the gut microbiome and has a calming effect.

Q. My horse is subjected to drug testing with USEF. Are your formulas safe?

A. We offer 3 formulas which only include ingredients that are USEF compliant as of the date listed on our website. Gastric Support can also be made with USEF compliant ingredients if you request it. We encourage those who are competing at this level to also double check the ingredients as the list of prohibited substances is always changing. 

Q. My horse is subjected to drug testing with FEI. Are your formulas safe?

A. None of our ingredients came up in the FEI Clean Sport App the last time we checked. We're trying to get more information on this topic and will post updates as we have them. It seems too good to be true that all of our nuggets would be FEI compliant...but are hopeful that is the case!

Q. My horse is so anxious! Which formula should I use?

A. Elite is used quite often for it's calming effect. However, it's important to note that anxiety can be a sign of gut dysbiosis, so let's focus on getting your horse's whole diet right. Feel free to contact us for a free consult. We love to help horses thrive!

Q. Do you really do free consults?

A. Yes, we do! We just ask that before inquiring, you have a genuine interest in starting your horse on our products. We spend quite a bit of time drafting a detailed analysis of your horse’s diet and explaining the effects the many different ingredients can have. Thank you for respecting that our time has value.