Q. Which Signature Nugget formula is best for my horse?

A. All of our Signature Nugget formulas are designed to support the whole body: immune system, a normal inflammatory response, joints, digestion, neurological function, skin / hair / hooves, protection against free radicals & more.

In general, our Original formula provides excellent support for the average horse's needs; Advanced formula provides further support for athletes, seniors, horses with diarrhea, etc; Elite formula provides the highest level of support for a horse with extreme discomfort from arthritis, recovery from injury, EPM, anxiety, etc.

We also offer Cushing's Support and Moody Mare Support formulas. Moody Mare can also be very helpful for aggressive geldings!

Q. My horse has multiple needs... Should he be on multiple Signature Nugget formulas? 

A. No. We fully dose the herbs in our Signature Nuggets to meet the needs of a 1,000 lb horse, so putting a horse on multiple nugget formulas at once would provide them more than the recommended dosage. Please contact us if you're unsure which formula is most appropriate for your horse, or for guidance on which products may be best to combine together.

Q. My horse has ulcers. Which Signature Nugget formula is best?

A. We've had many horses come completely off full tubes of omeprazole per day, to our Original formula Signature Nuggets with excellent results.

For ulcers, please also see our No Guts, No Glory! Signature Blend. Contact us for assistance with optimizing the diet to eliminate risk of ulcers going forward.

Q. When can I expect my order?

A. Our Signature Nuggets & Signature Blends are made-to-order to ensure the freshest, most potent ingredients for your horse. This means, in most cases, we are not pulling pre-made products from the shelf. Please allow us approximately 5 days to make and process your order. Once your order is en route, you'll receive shipping confirmation and tracking info via email.

Q. Refunds / Exchanges / Store Credit:

A. If for any reason, you're not pleased with your order, please contact us! It's important to us that we help find the right products for your horse's needs. We enjoy working with our customers to ensure you're completely satisfied.

Q. My horse won't eat the Nuggets. What do I do?

A. Most horses who turn their noses up to our Nuggets typically only do so for a week or two. In the meantime, you can break up the nuggets and mix them into their feed or a yummy treat your horse usually enjoys. After a couple weeks, most skeptical horses suddenly decide they love the nuggets and will begin to request them from your hand! We've found that when an owner is persistent, the horse comes around. As natural foragers, perhaps they make the connection that the Nuggets help them feel better? 

Q. Is it safe to offer the Signature Nuggets to my horse while he is on other supplements or medications including NSAIDS?

A. Yes, our Nuggets are generally safe to take with other supplements and most medications, including NSAIDS. If your horse is on another yucca-based product, you may want to be mindful to not double them up for an extended period of time.

Q. I didn't follow the herbal feeding pattern for the Signature Nuggets! Will my horse be okay?

A. Yes, absolutely! The herbal feeding patterns for our Signature Nuggets are meant to maintain efficacy over an extended period of time. The concern with offering the nuggets daily is that over time your horse may not respond as well to it; breaks are needed. Check the label on your Nugget container for each formula's specific feeding pattern.

Q. My dog ate some nuggets! Will he be okay?

A. Yes, he should be just fine! In fact, he might feel great! :) There are no harmful effects or toxic properties and no ingredients which would be problematic for dogs. The worst case scenario is diarrhea, so be careful to keep them hydrated properly if that happens & seek veterinarian care if you're unsure.

Q. My horse is subjected to drug testing with USEF. Are your formulas safe?

A. We offer Show Safe formulas which only include ingredients that are USEF compliant. We encourage those who are competing at this level to also double check the ingredients as the list of prohibited substances is always changing. 

Q. My horse is subjected to drug testing with FEI. Are your formulas safe?

A. None of our ingredients came up in the FEI Clean Sport App, the last time we checked. We're trying to get more information on this topic and will post updates as we have them. Please check the ingredients yourselves before competing - or pause any products you're unsure of 7-10 days prior to competing. 

Q. My horse is very anxious! Which product should I use?

A. Our most calming supplements are: Elite formula Signature Nuggets, Adapt. Signature Blend, Level Headed Signature Blend, Chamomile Flowers & Magnesium Glycinate.  It's important to note that anxiety is often a sign of compromised gut health, so let's focus on getting your horse's whole diet right (including removing triggers / inflammatory ingredients) and consider offering them No Guts, No Glory! to help rebalance the gut microbiome. Please feel free to contact us for a free consult. We love to help horses thrive! 

Q. Do you offer consultations?

A. Yes, I do! I just ask that before inquiring, you have a genuine interest in starting your horse on our products. I spend quite a bit of time drafting a detailed analysis of your horse’s diet and explaining the effects the many different ingredients can have. Thank you for respecting that my time has value. Update: Due to an overabundance of requests, it has been challenging for me to get to everyone in a timely manner. Please don't hesitate to be persistent and ask again if you think your email may have gotten lost in the mix. My apologies and thank you for your understanding!