“There are are not enough words to describe how amazing Yucc' It Up! is!
My international FEI level mare suffered a severe injury coming off a trailer a few years back that should’ve completely ended her career. When the radiologist reviewed the MRI of her leg, she said it looked like her lower leg was put in a blender. Needless to say, that did not leave any of us with warm and fuzzy feelings as she had a lot of soft tissue and joint damage.
I put Diamonds on Yucc’ It Up! a few months ago and I cannot believe the difference it has made. Her entire body moves and feels like butter. I don’t know how to describe this product other than it is a miracle worker! Yucc’ It Up! is AMAZING!! Diamonds feels like she did before the injury, which is nothing short of miraculous! If I can see this dramatic of a difference with my mare given her situation, can you imagine what Yucc ’It Up! can do for your horse?!
These products are the real deal. Not only are they all natural, but they actually really, really work!”
-Natalia Martin
International Champion FEI Dressage Rider
Puerto Rican National Judge
2021 Olympic hopeful
"In just two days, I noticed a difference in my horse's movement!  My equine massage therapist even complimented my gelding and how great he looks so soon after starting.  He loves them! 
UPDATE:  Advanced formula Yucc' It Up! has helped Peanut be able to run barrels in 17 seconds when he was previously running in 19 seconds.  I'm so pleased with his performance improvement!  I love this product because it really works."
-Caitlin W.
Worcester Mounted Police Unit Trainer

"My mare, Bunny, use to be prone to colic episodes 3-4 times a year. However, since starting her on Yucc' It Up! Advanced nuggets two years ago, she's nearly clear of episodes... she only had one minor bout which was due to a virus that went through our barn. Yucc' It Up! has saved us both much stress and money on vet bills.
UPDATE: Yucc' It Up! is keeping this girl doing what she loves, running barrels, at 27 years old!"
-Caity W.
Worcester Mounted Police Unit Trainer
 ​​"Yucc’ It Up! has made extreme improvements to my horse’s chronic hind-end lameness. After only three days, it was like riding a completely different horse.  I am blown away by the changes and so excited about offering this all natural power house supplement to all of my horses! Thank you so much for creating an amazing formula for success and healthy living!"
Olivia G.
Olivia Gildea Dressage & Morning Light Farm

I’m on my third batch of nuggets and I have noticed such a change in my horse! He’s happier and calmer, yet more energized when we work. To top it off, now has dapples throughout his whole body instead of just his butt. To say I’m pleased is an understatement, and Mason LOVES nugget time! Thank you for making a quality product that addresses a multitude of issues.

I love your products and appreciate the personalized attention you provide. You helped me select from your various nuggets via email, and love the little notes you include with each batch.

The best part is that with continued, regular usage of the nuggets, the benefits are noticeably increasing. I am one happy horse mom and Mason truly looks and feels incredible. This might be the best he’s felt - ever!! My boy has always had issues with his hind end, and lately he feels like butter.”

~Maureen R., NY

​​"Yucc' It Up! has been a life saver for my horse's disabling lameness. He went from early retirement to being active again and happily work as a therapeutic riding horse. I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you!"
Bianca F.
​Rider & Certified Health Coach
​​"If you're looking for a supplement that can help your horse with a variety of issues, look no further!
​My gelding's movement is noticeably better throughout... but his right hind, which is his nemesis, is especially better!  He's more relaxed overall and his chronic cough is occuring much less often and is less severe, to the point where he's now consistently rideable. 
We are on the right track!"
Heather P.
​Rider & Trainer 
​​"During our 3-day Trial on the Original formula, I totally noticed a difference on the second day my horse took it.  First, he let me catch him with no games or bribery, which was miraculous.  Second, riding wise he was cool, calm and collected which was a pleasant surprise.😊  
I've purchased the Advanced formula for the non-competition season and will be switching him onto this and off of his previous supplement!  Thank you so much."
Faith P.
"I am an Equine Massage Therapist and I was turned onto Yucc’ It Up!  after one of my clients gave them to her 17 year old Quarter Horse. Her gelding had always had a lot of tension in his hind end and obvious restriction of movement in his lower joints, most significantly notable in his hocks. After 14 days there was a remarkable difference in his comfort and range of motion. He was the most forward I had ever seen him, and I have been working with this horse for over 6 years. He was extending underneath himself and driving better than ever from the hind end. I own an 8 year old mare that had, had a coffin joint injury a couple years ago that resulted in surgery. Having seen my client’s success I decided to try Yucc It Up! with my own girl.
Orla (my mare) was on Yucc It Up! for about 2 weeks when I noted her stride had improved. Her hips are definitely where I see the most change. She has a tendency to get tight in her hips. I have fit her saddles to make sure she was not experiencing any lower back tension from equipment; so I knew it was not equipment related. Soon after her hip/thigh tensor muscle released, her hamstrings followed. She also seems to be loading her weight more evenly on the foot she had surgery on. What a difference this supplement made for her! She has never been one to track up under herself, ever. She was always 6-8 inches short of her front foot placement. Now she tracks with relative ease. I cannot say enough about Yucc’ It Up!  My mare is on the Original Formula and my client’s horse is on the Advanced Formula. There is another woman I know that is about to try these formulas out on her horse, and I am excited to see the change in him as well. I do not think there is a horse that could not benefit from one of these formulas."
Bethany S.
​Equine Massage Therapist & Rider

 ​​"Results are in!  Nothing short of miraculous!!!  Our 32 year old gelding is dancing like a youngster and our 24 year old pony with laminitis is more comfortable than ever before!  We are thrilled!!  
 After six weeks on Yucc' It Up!, we also noticed dramatic results with our geldings severe, chronic diarrhea.  After years of trying everything we could think of, Sport finally has formed, healthy stools!"
Pamela C.
​Barn Owner/Manager, Trainer, Breeder & Rider
​​"I have an older Appendix QH who pulled both his digital flexor tendons in his hind legs resulting in stiffness and arthritis.  I started him on joint/tendon supplements with little improvement.  During the winter months, when he became very stiff, I would have to use hock wraps on a daily basis. 
However, once on Yucc' It Up!, I saw a huge difference in only 3 days!  My stiff, old man became the young, full of life horse I use to have!  I don't have an indoor so he has been on vacation since the ground froze and even without exercise, other than turn out, I see a difference in his legs, his attitude, and even his muscle tone.  I can't wait to see what the Spring will bring us!!"
Jessica J.
Equine Massage Therapist, Trainer & Rider 
 "​​My horse is a special case. He has arthritis in his neck, kissing spine, SI issues, hock issues, and ulcers. I started him on Yucc' It Up! in the late fall, right before a move to a barn without an indoor. He appeared happy overall all winter but I was only able to finally ride him recently to notice his performance changes. He was wonderful!!! Our ride was awesome. He wasn't reluctant to go forward, wasn’t snarky with my leg, and gave a lot of try for the first real ride of the Spring. We spent more time cantering than anything else and we usually can't get there until we work through a lot of kinks at the trot first for days/weeks.  He was so willing and went right into the gaits upon being asked.  I am so happy!!!​  I have high hopes for this season, bringing him along further, and I thank Yucc' It Up! for making him SO comfortable at such a reasonable price. One supplement seems to be helping all of his ailments. We highly recommend it!!!
UPDATE:  Our vet came out and watched Moose go for the first time since starting Yucc' It Up! and she was blown away by his demeanor and how great he looks.  She's tough to please so that speaks volumes.  Moose is currently on the Gastric Support formula.. he's loving it & feeling great!  He always eats his nugget first."
Alison G.
Horse Owner & Rider
 "​​I have a horse who wants to please so much that he overthinks.  He's not hot, but somewhat of a worrier, always trying to be four steps ahead. I've tried so many different products to get him to just relax and breathe... calming products from tack shops, prescription meds to homeopathic remedies.  Nothing worked.  A friend had her gelding on Yucc' It Up! and was telling me of the results after she worked with the owner to determine the best formula for him.  Then another friend tried Yucc' It Up! on her gelding with exciting results, as well.  Her horse has suffered traumatic experiences so that really says something.  Of course I had to try it!  After a couple weeks, I noticed a difference in my own horse, Winston...  All the sudden he wasn't as tight, was much more relaxed and so much more enjoyable.  He finally loaded the horse trailer without issue.  He also use to eyeball things, give them a wide berth and would take a couple times to actually go by it, however, since being on the Advanced formula, he no longer does this!  He was doing so well on Advanced that I thought I would try the Original... there were minor differences, but he was ultimately more comfortable on Advanced so I'll be keeping him on that. 
​I highly recommend Yucc' It Up! and can't say enough about this fabulous product.  It has made a huge difference for us.  It's also all natural and the owner is amazing to work with."
Horse Owner & Rider
 "I'm amazed with the difference I see in Ziggy during our trial on Elite formula. Today, we had a dressage show where both of us tend to get really tense and feed off of each other... Instead, he was so relaxed which was able to make me relax, and we had some of our best test scores ever, scoring 78.9 in First Level test two!!! I am definitely putting them on Yucc' It Up! supplements!!"
Lauren W.
Royal Rose Eventing
 "Yucc' It Up! is an amazing product created by amazing people.  We were told our horse needed to retire, he was done.  So we reached out to Daryl Anne (Yucc' It Up! owner and founder) and she helped us change his diet and educated us on how and why.  We were able to place our horse in a lesson program where he is now thriving.  Yucc' It Up! has truly been a miracle.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!"
Amy B.
Horse Owner & Rider 
  "My mare, Madison, loves her Cushing's Support Yucc' It Up! She also shed out to a normal summer coat earlier this season! I'm positive it's because of the nuggets. For the first time in years, I didn't need to body clip her! Thank you!
My gelding, Tanner, absolutely loves his Gastric Support Yucc' It Up! Unfortunately, he had to go on antibiotics, but this formula saved him from an upset tummy!! In the past, he would not have been able to handle it, so I couldn't be happier!"
Kaity K.
Kaitlyn Kutzer Equestrian
“The difference in my OTTB mare's performance is amazing. I've never seen her feel so great!  Her energy is up and her movement is on point.
The Moody Mare formula has balanced her mood so nicely. She use to bully her herd, but now she's Mother Hen. She even shares her hay pile. She also use to nearly collapse while napping during turnout and we've noticed that while on this formula, this no longer happens. It's an unexpected bonus! Thank you, Yucc' It Up!
UPDATE: we've since added Nettle Leaf, Hay Harmony, Grace's Abundance, Spirulina & Kelp into her regimen and she is absolutely covered in gorgeous dapples from head to toe!! It's amazing the difference organic, whole food nutrition can make."
Megan P.

   “My mare, Rosie, looks forward to getting her Yucc It Up! supplement every night. I’ve had her on it since the fall and love the results!!

     The senior joint supplements and meds that I previously had her on weren’t working anymore and like many meds, were taxing to her organs. I’m so glad I ran into Daryl Anne at a local barrel run and was able to learn about how Yucc’ It Up! may be beneficial for horses. Not only is Rosie feeling better, but I’m saving money having moved from multiple supplements to just one!

     Since starting her on Advanced formula, Rosie no longer gets stocked up from being in her stall at night or while stalled due to bad weather. She’s 25 years old now and you would never know it! No more creeky old lady sounds from her joints.

     I can’t wait to begin the upcoming barrel season & see how Yucc’ It Up! also supports her performance!!”

Kaitlynn R.
Horse owner, Barrel Racer

   “My horse, Colt 45, use to get nervous trailering and would walk back and forth the entire ride. Yucc' It Up! has helped him with his trailering anxiety greatly. He no longer hates getting on the trailer or paces inside.

It has also helped him with his coat. He use to sun bleach, but now his coat is soft, shiny and dark all year round. I love how this supplement is free of his 23 allergens. He eats the nuggets right out of my hand and loves them. Thank you so much, Yucc' It Up! for this amazing supplement that not only makes my horse look good but also feel good.”

Grace B.
Cowgirl Mounted Shooter & Barrel Racer with Run & Gun Ranch

 ​​"I can't say enough good things about Yucc' It Up! products! All of my 4 horses are on at least one of their products daily.
My 13 year old Shetland/Welsh mare who is my little "air fern", as she looks at food and gets fat, has a history of skin/respiratory allergies and mild laminitis. She is on the Cushing's/IR nuggets, Kelp and Grace's Abundance feed toppers. Her hooves are doing great and growing well, coat is shiny and not itchy at all and she is not cresty during early fall which is a miracle. Overall, she seems happier as well.

My 18 year old Morgan mare with founder history is also on the Cushing’s/IR nuggets, Kelp and Grace's Abundance feed toppers. She is black and just shines! Hooves are great and also no crestiness going into fall.

My 26 year old Arabian gelding with Cushing's and a cardiac condition is on the Advanced nuggets, Kelp, Nettle Leaf and Grace's Abundance feed toppers. His shagginess is at a minimum this year, stiffness is much improved and he's shiny and at a good weight. He is also a ridiculously fussy eater and swears I try to poison him. He gobbles down his bucket no problem now.

Last but not least is my 18 year old Morgan gelding. He had some nasty ulcers when i got him and though much improved now on 24/7 forage and whole food nutrition he would still be a bit girthy, gassy and bloated from time to time. He also has a big time bug sensitivity which can lead him to welt and to rub his hair right off. He is on the Gastric Support nuggets, Kelp, Nettle Leaf and Grace's Abundance feed toppers. What a difference! Big bloated belly is gone and even with the crazy amounts of mosquitoes and midges that we've had this year, no welts and minimal itching 😊

Besides how well my hoof kids are doing, this company is awesome. Their products and customer service are top notch. I highly recommend Yucc' It Up!”

Kathryn J.
​Barn Owner/Manager, Rocket Man Ranch