Yucc' It Up!® Cushing's Support formula
Yucc' It Up!® Cushing's Support formula

Yucc' It Up!® Cushing's Support formula

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Yucc' It Up!® Cushing's Support Formula

Our Cushing's nuggets are formulated to support the endocrine system, pituitary function, naturally balance hormones (including insulin & cortisol), and strengthen the overall immune system. Each serving includes 1,500 IU of natural vitamin E, as well as, our essential oil trio (copaibapeppermintfrankincense) which provides additional support of a normal inflammatory response (re: arthritis, creaky joints, pain management), digestion, immune system support and more.

Our Cushing's Support formula includes chaste tree berry (aka vitex) which reads the individual body’s hormonal scape via the hypothalamus gland and acts accordingly to bring balance. Chaste tree berry has a stimulating effect on dopaminergic neurons, which is important for horses with Cushing’s as this disease is caused by a loss of the dopaminergic neurons of the hypothalamus.

Red raspberry leaves are an astringent, rich in manganese which an essential element for oxygenation of the cells and is critical for bone matrix and joint health. Anise seeds support liver regeneration, soothe digestion, support balanced blood sugar and have antimicrobial properties. Ceylon cinnamon is an excellent prebiotic, helps balance blood sugar levels, is rich in antioxidants to strengthen the immune system, stimulates blood flow, has antimicrobial properties and more. Chamomile flowers help to lower cortisol levels, can lower ACTH, help the body better recover from stress, support a normal inflammatory response, promote healthy digestion, deeply nourishes cells, has anti-cancer properties, strengthens heart health and so much more. Coconut has natural anti-parasitic effects, helps stabilize glucose levels, protects against viruses, regenerates cells, helps balance hormones, supports a healthy metabolism, antimicrobial, supports thyroid function and more. Natural Vitamin E strengthens the overall immune system and helps ward off viruses and bacterial infections, which horses with Cushing's disease can be prone to or susceptible to due to a weakened immune system.

Benefits of the yucca schidigera herb: 
anti-inflammatory, anti-protozoal (destroys protozoa / amoebas / parasites; inhibits their ability to thrive & reproduce), helps manage pain, anti-arthritic, cleanses liver, kidneys, blood & lymphatics, supports intestinal health, increases micro-circulation, rich in antioxidants, contains free radical scavengers which suppress reactive oxygen species that stimulate inflammatory responses, contains saponins (natural cleansers), supports balanced blood sugar, has a calming effect & more!
Altogether, the ingredients in our Cushing's Support nuggets work together to create a synergy which helps to strengthen the overall immune system so our horses with Cushing's can be less vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens and experience less of the symptoms that come with this horrible disease.


Benefit Highlights: 

    • cleanses the blood
    • supports liver, kidneys & adrenals
    • supports a normal inflammatory response
    • supports digestion 
    • supports balanced blood sugar levels
    • helps naturally balance hormones
    • helps alkalize the body
    • supports cellular health
    • supports neurons (calms the nervous system)
    • provides antioxidants
    • strengthens the immune system

Serving Size: Four (4) Nuggets (62 g) 

Servings per Container: 21 (4 weeks of coverage*)

Administration Instructions*Provide four (4) nuggets per day, for every 1,000 lbs of body weight. Divide nuggets between AM and PM offerings, if possible. 

*Feeding Pattern:

In order to maintain efficacy of the chaste tree berry herb, it is recommended to adhere to the following administration pattern: "3 weeks on, 1 week off." 

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend Contains: Anise Seed*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Chamomile Flowers*, Chaste Tree Berry*, Coconut Flour*, Coconut Shreds*, Coconut Sugar*, Extra-Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil*, Flaxseed*, Natural Mixed Tocopherols (sourced from natural vitamin E), Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate), Oats*, Potassium Sorbate (mineral-based stabilizer at 0.1%), Red Raspberry Leaves^, Stevia Leaf Extract*, & Yucca Schidigera^. *Certified organic ingredient, ^Responsibly wildcrafted ingredient.

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place.