True Cinnamon
True Cinnamon

True Cinnamon

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True Cinnamon

Ingredients: 100% Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum).

Serving Size: 1 rounded scoop (1.5 tsp / 3 g), once or twice daily, for the average 1,000 lb horse. 

Administration Instructions: Introduce gradually. Moisten and offer with feed, or wet mash, to avoid horse inhaling the cinnamon. Observe your horse to determine best dosage for his or her needs; you may feed therapeutic doses of up to 6 scoops / day in extreme cases (i.e., 3 scoops in AM / 3 scoops in PM).

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon was one of the first traded and most popular spices from the ancient world, dating back to ancient Egypt in 2000 BC. Cinnamon has been noted as the most beneficial among the rest in the spice industry. It has been trusted for thousands of years as a medicine, a food preservative, perfume, and as a means to enhance the taste of food. It belongs to the Lauraceae plant family.

There are four main types of Cinnamon (Ceylon, Cassia, Saigon & Korintje) and Ceylon is the most elusive as 90% of world production comes from the small island nation of Sri Lanka. 

Why Ceylon Cinnamon?

Ceylon cinnamon is recognized in Ayurvedic medicine as "true cinnamon", due to its many benefits and ultra-low coumarin content. Coumarin is a natural substance contained in many plants, but in high amounts is quite harmful to the liver and kidneys. Coumarin is found in high concentrations in other types of cinnamon such as cassia; cassia contains 5% coumarin, which is 1,200 times more coumarin than ceylon's 0.004% content. 

Due to ceylon cinnamon's unique and beneficial chemical properties over other types of cinnamon, it has an excellent reputation and is in great demand across the world. We appreciate ceylon cinnamon for its extensive and powerful medicinal properties, as well as, its delectable taste.

Benefit Highlights:

    • Supports Healthy Digestion
      • Prebiotic - Feeds Healthy Gut Microbiome
      • Anti-Gas / Reduces Flatulence
    • Supportive for Horses with IR (Insulin Resistance) / Metabolic Disorders
      • Enables Cells to Recognize & Respond to Insulin
    • Helpful for Laminitis, Navicular & Hoof Troubles
      • Stimulates Blood Flow into Extremities
      • Supports Cardiovascular Health
        • Supports Balanced Blood Sugar
        • Supports Balanced Blood Pressure
        • Stimulates Blood Flow / Microcirculation
        • Alleviates Pain from Stagnation of Blood
      • Supports a Normal Inflammatory Response 
      • Antioxidant Rich
        • Protects Against Free Radical Damage
      • Supports Joint Health
      • Supports Neurological Health
        • Supports Brain Function & Memory
      • Demulcent
        • Expectorant for Bronchial Tubes & Lungs
      • Reproductive Tonic
        • Relieves Menstrual Cramps
        • Restores Normal Flow of the Menses
        • Stimulates Oxytocin
        • Flushes Uterine Congestion
      • Nutrient Rich
        • Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin K, Copper, Magnesium, Fiber & more
      • Anti-Cancer Properties
      • Anti-Microbial Properties
        • Anti-Fungal Properties
        • Anti-Viral Properties
        • Anti-Bacterial Properties
          • Cinnamaldehyde Essential Oil - disrupts the cell membrane of bad bacteria, causing them to explode

      Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place.

      Warning: Do not use during pregnancy, fever, bleeding or with high insulin sensitivity (EPSSM/PSSM horse).