Pure G.T.F. Chromium

Pure G.T.F. Chromium

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Chromium : Champion for Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Health.

Trace element chromium (Cr) enhances the action of insulin, which plays an important role in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and storage. Chromium enables the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels by enhancing the action of insulin and moving glucose from the bloodstream into the cells, specifically to the mitochondria where it is used for energy. This process leads to greater insulin sensitivity, lessening the signs and symptoms of insulin resistance. Chromium supplementation has been shown to increase cellular uptake of glucose and stimulate insulin metabolism.  

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance (IR) occurs when the body's cells become impermeable. With impermeability, the cell walls dry and harden, and glucose is unable to get inside the cell to reach the mitochondria. As a result, glucose gets backed up inside the bloodstream creating elevated blood glucose levels, and the body signals for more insulin to be secreted in attempt to help fix the problem.

Alternatively, when cells are still permeable, the cell wall is healthy, flexible and allows glucose, nutrients and oxygen to enter. Permeable cells also allow toxins to exit. However, prior to restoring this delicate process, toxins get trapped inside the cell, wreaking havoc, and interfering with the healthy exchange of nutrients, glucose and oxygen. This is where chromium can be of value! Chromium helps to make the cell wall permeable again and supports this critical process for cell functionality and proper cell signaling. 

GTF Chromium

Glucose tolerance factor (GTF) is the biologically active form of chromium that potentiates the action of insulin and functions in regulating carbohydrate metabolism. GTF Chromium is a compound the liver uses to manufacture fatty acids, lecithin, cholesterol (HDL), and lipoproteins. It helps manage healthy blood sugar levels, accelerates glucose transport to inside the cells, and stabilizes appetites for healthy weight management. GTF Chromium is better absorbed into the body's tissues than inorganic chromium salts. Our GTF Chromium is bound in a fermentation process with Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast which mimics a plants metabolic process, so your horse gets a food-form mineral that his or her body can actually absorb. This process creates a product that is 20-50 times richer in wholefood forms of chromium complex than others.  

Ingredients: Glucose Tolerance Factor Chromium Yeast. 100% Pure! No fillers! No inflammatory additives!

Serving size: 3 scoops (3.3 g), per every 1,000 lbs of body weight. (3.3 grams of our GTF Chromium Yeast provides 2 mg of elemental chromium.)

Chromium, MSM (sulfur) and Magnesium each play an integral role in cell permeability. Supplementation needs may vary as each individual is likely to have varying deficiencies and levels of deficiencies. But, unless hair analysis or specific blood tests are done to determine exact deficiencies, then supplementing with all three (chromium, msm & mag) can be beneficial to the IR / metabolic horse without risk of overdosing when offered at the standard recommended dosages. 

Picky eater? If palatability is a concern when feeding pure elements, pair with our organic Carrot Powder for a safe, nutritional way to increase palatability.