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Our Allergy Blends are designed to reduce histamine production, nourish the adrenals & thyroid, cleanse the liver & kidneys, support balanced hormones including cortisol levels ('the stress hormone'), calm the nervous system, support digestion, rejuvenate & alkalize the blood with chlorophyll ("green blood") & ultimately help create an environment where the body can heal itself. 

High histamine levels can overwhelm the body causing a range of symptoms including: respiratory trouble, congestion, phlegm, runny nose & eyes, headaches, chronic itching, skin rashes, hives, edema, gastro-esophageal reflux, GI disturbances, diarrhea, irritability, anxiety, depression & more. If your horse has any of these symptoms, our Allergy Blends can help!

Two Different Blends are Available: #1 & #2...

Allergy Blend #1

Includes chamomile flowers. If your horse has previously had chamomile flowers & done well on them, we recommend ordering the blend to include them as they can be very restorative to the immune system, reduce allergies, calm the central nervous system & nourish cells.

Ingredients: Nettle Leaves*, Peppermint Leaves*, Rose Hips*, Fenugreek Seeds*, Chamomile Flowers*, Holy Basil Leaves*, Ashwagandha Root* & Reishi Mushroom Extract* (*certified organic ingredient).

Allergy Blend #2

If your horse has a known allergy to ragweed - therefore may potentially be allergic to chamomile flowers - we recommend ordering this blend. If you are unsure, please order this blend & you're welcome to request a sample of chamomile flowers in the comment section of your order, to test them with your horse. Allergy Blend #2 includes ceylon cinnamon for additional support of a normal inflammatory response, the gut microbiome (prebiotic), antioxidants, neurological support & more. 

Ingredients: Nettle Leaves*, Peppermint Leaves*, Rose Hips*, Fenugreek Seeds*, Holy Basil Leaves*, Ashwagandha Root*, Ceylon Cinnamon* & Reishi Mushroom Extract* (*certified organic ingredient).

Serving Size: 1-2 tbsp (6.5-13 g) / twice daily, per 1,000 lbs.

Price per day will vary depending on if your horse requires a full or half dose. A 4-week supply may last one horse 8-weeks & a 7-week supply may last one horse 14-weeks.


Adaptogenic Herbs

Allergy Blend includes adaptogen herbs which help the body come back into balance & adapt to stress. They support the endocrine system, where the body interprets & acts upon stressors. Nourishing the adrenals is critical for balancing cortisol ('the stress hormone') levels in the body. By balancing hormones, we can reduce stress & strengthen the overall immune system. Adaptogens such as Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaf, Ashwagandha Root & Reishi Mushrooms (we proudly source Real Mushrooms® brand) have been trusted for centuries to support the endocrine system, balance cortisol levels, nourish, strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation, reduce fatigue, provide antioxidants, improve thyroid & adrenal function & overall help the body to better adapt better to stress. 

Allergies, Gut Health & Diet

Approximately 80% of the immune system resides in the gut / digestive tract. Allergy symptoms are a sign of a compromised immune system. This deterioration can occur from a build-up of toxins (including heavy metals & pharmaceuticals) in the organs & lymphatics, poor gut health ("leaky gut"), &/or vitamin & mineral deficiencies; all of which impair the immune system & interfere with its normal function. In order to restore histamine balance, it's essential to treat the underlying causes of inflammation & repair the gut lining, which is why we recommend pairing Allergy Blend with an anti-inflammatory diet, free of GMOs, endocrine disrupters (soy!), unnecessary antibiotics & pesticides (glyphosate!), & rich in pure whole foods & omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy fats found in ingredients like coconut oil, camelina seed oil, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, hemp hearts, flaxseed, etc all help the body to properly synthesize & balance hormones. Ingredients to consider avoiding: GMOs (soy, beet pulp, corn, alfalfa, canola, etc), glyphosate contaminated crops such as wheat, an inverted omega-3 / omega-6 ratio (too much omega-6 is inflammatory), synthetic vitamins & minerals (often have suffixes of "ate", "ite" or "ide"), harmful preservatives such as sodium benzoate, propionic acid & formaldehyde based ingredients such as maxi-bond.