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Fennel Seeds

What are Fennel Seeds?

Fennel 'seeds' are technically the fruit of the fennel plant! It's a perennial herb which belongs to the Apiaceae family and grows 4-6" tall. It can be found in dry fields and along roadsides in the Mediterranean region.

Fennel seeds are the Ayurvedic symbol of longevity, good health & calmness. They've historically been trusted for flatulence, diarrhea, colic, improving milk flow during lactation, and supporting the respiratory system. A common remedy for stomach & intestinal distress, helpful for reducing gas, colic & gastric upset. An excellent option for enhancing taste while adding therapeutic benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects.

Energetics: Fennel seeds are cool / moist. This means they can help with signs of heat including fever, thirst, aggression, restlessness that can be worse at night, heat intolerance, yellow congestion, red sin or eyes, dark urine, sweating, inflammation or seeking cool areas. They can also help with signs of dryness including dry cough, sticky mucous, thirst, dry lips, tongue, skin, and hair, or one who generally does worse in dry weather.

Benefit Highlights:

    • Strengthens digestion
      • Anti-colic
      • Reduces bloating & gas
    • Supports respiratory system
      • Reduces asthma symptoms
    • Supports the immune system
      • Anti-bacterial & tonic properties
      • Rich in antioxidants
      • Supports healthy skin & hair
    • Helps restore hormonal balance
      • Regulates menstruation
      • Relieves menstrual cramps
      • Increases milk production for lactating mares
    • Treats allergy symptoms
    • Supports a Normal Inflammatory Response 

    Serving Size: 3 g (approx 1 scoop) twice daily, per every 1,000 lbs of body weight.

    Ingredients: 100% Organic fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare).

    Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place.