Equinety Horse XL - 100% Pure Amino Acids
Equinety Horse XL - 100% Pure Amino Acids
Equinety Horse XL - 100% Pure Amino Acids
Equinety Horse XL - 100% Pure Amino Acids

Equinety Horse XL - 100% Pure Amino Acids

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What is Equinety?

Equinety is 100% pure amino acids (a patented blend, non-GMO).

  • No fillers 
  • No sugars
  • No starches 
  • No loading dose
  • No negative side effects from adding Equinety to your existing supplements/medications.

Equinety gives the body what it needs to help heal at a cellular level. When the cells can operate at a healthy level there are SO many benefits that come along with that and you then have a healthy happy horse!

About Amino Acids:

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Horses (and all mammals) need them to survive. The body takes the amino acids and turns them into the necessary proteins it needs to help heal at a cellular level. This could be a softer, shinier coat, more muscle, faster recovery, stronger hooves, improved digestion, etc. Whatever the body needs and where it needs it to help make a well balanced horse!

Benefit Highlights:

  • Targets Pituitary Gland - the "Master Gland"
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Ulcer Prevention
  • Joint Support
  • Allergy Reduction
  • Weight Management
  • Helps Prevent or Recover from Laminitis
  • Increase Focus & Relaxation
  • Soft Tissue Repair
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Faster Recovery
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Improved Hoof Growth
  • Stronger Collagen
  • Senior Horse Care
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Will Not Test Positive - Amino Acids are permitted under FEI regulations
  • Improve Coat Condition & more!

How soon will I see improvements? / What can I expect to see using Equinety?

Typically, in just a couple days you’ll notice a less stressed, less anxious and more focused horse… Going into a couple weeks, you’ll definitely notice faster recovery. Within 30 days, you’ll notice a softer, shinier coat and more muscle (you’ll also notice significant healing if there’s a wound or coming out of surgery).

At 4-6 weeks, stronger and faster growing hooves. When it comes to metabolic disorders and healing, you’ll begin noticing things 30-60-90 days depending on exactly what the condition is.

Equinety is customizing to the body and helping to make a well balanced horse.

History of Equinety...

Equinety was formulated back in 1998 as an anti-aging “Youth Formula” for the 50+ human crowd, by a British, Cambridge and Harvard educated Canadian family physician, Dr. White. Then in 2006, a second label was put on the product and is now in all of Major League Baseball and Olympic athletes take the product… In 2014, we put it in a tub for horses and call it Equinety. We’ve changed our marketing focus from the human market and are now focusing solely on the Equine market but we`re still using the same fantastic formula. Equinety is produced in an FDA regulated GMP certified facility where the process and materials are all human grade. 

How is Equinety different?

So, what makes Equinety different than other products on the market? One, is the particular combination of amino acids and how much of each one to make up the “stack”. Second, instead of targeting a specific area such as joints, coat, gut, hooves, attitude, recovery etc, it`s targeting the pituitary gland (the "master gland"). Third, using free form crystalline amino acids which “tickle” the anterior pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones the body needs to help repair itself at a cellular level. With all that said, Equinety gives the body what it needs to help heal itself from a cellular level and balances the body from the inside out!

We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian / physician prior to starting any new supplements.

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place.