Advanced TRS (detox)
Advanced TRS (detox)
Advanced TRS (detox)
Advanced TRS (detox)
Advanced TRS (detox)

Advanced TRS (detox)

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Detoxification on a Cellular Level

Advanced TRS (Toxin Removal System) is a zeolite-based product which promotes safe detoxification by attracting, trapping, and removing heavy metals, mycotoxins, and other contaminants from the body. At the cellular level, removing such toxins allows cells to return to their healthy equilibrium and function.

On its own, your body has to do a lot of work to neutralize and remove toxins, if it is able to remove them at all. For example, lead and mercury are notoriously difficult to remove. As a person’s body becomes more toxic with heavy metals, it becomes less able to remove them.



Zeolites are natural, lightweight, porous minerals found in the earth where volcanic rocks and ash reacted with alkaline, or high pH, groundwater, millions of years ago. The microscopic structure of zeolites has millions of regularly arranged holes, or pores that give the material the ability to absorb large amounts of water along with a wide variety of ions, toxins, heavy metals, radioactive particles and gases.

In nature, zeolites are an important part of the water cycle, helping to ensure plentiful, fresh, pure groundwater for your health. In the body, zeolites also act as a clean-up system, removing toxic substances that have accumulated in the body from the foods we eat, the environment in which we live, etc. These accumulated substances cause our body to work overtime, diverting energy needed by cells and tissues, and weakening the body’s natural ability to heal itself. As these substances are removed, our body becomes healthier.

Zeolite is inert in your body, so your body doesn’t recognize it as anything out of the ordinary. However, heavy metals, radioactive elements and other toxins are a different story, and to our benefit, they are extremely attracted to the "cages" of zeolite.


The zeolite in Advanced TRS is nano-sized (1/3,000,000th of an inch) to maximize access to the toxin-absorbing centers in the material. The individual particles of zeolite are enveloped by layers of water which allows them to travel efficiently in the body to do their job. Advanced TRS uses a pure, concentrated clinoptilolite zeolite, free of preservatives. It captures the molecules of toxins, then safely extracts them via the body's normal processes. It will only remove excess amounts of metals such as copper, so it will not deplete the body of beneficial nutrients.

Advanced TRS is designed to remove more toxins than any other zeolite solution. With an average zeolite pore size of 0.7 – 0.9 nanometers, as verified by ultra-high resolution microscopy, there is an estimated surface area of 4.8 million sq ft per bottle that is capable of removing toxins.



Natural vs. Synthetic Zeolites

Of the 245 unique zeolite frameworks that have been identified by the International Zeolite Association Structure Commission, over 40 are naturally occurring. Naturally occurring zeolites are rarely pure and are contaminated to varying degrees by other minerals, metals, quartz, or other zeolites. Some of these impurities are simply absorbed inside the zeolite’s pores, while others are an integral part of the structure.

Acid treatments at high temperatures can remove many of these impurities, but as more structural atoms are extracted, the integrity of the zeolite framework becomes compromised, and the important toxin-binding cages begin to collapse. At this point, the zeolite becomes increasingly less effective as regions inside the structure become blocked. In other words, increasing purity is balanced by decreasing function, and it is difficult to completely purify a naturally occurring zeolite from all its impurities and still retain full potency. 

Why Detox?

Over 75,000 synthetic chemicals are produced in the United States each year with over 3,000 chemicals being added to the food supply. The average American has over 212 chemicals in their bloodstream.

Air, water and food are saturated with toxins—that means your body and mind are, too. Advanced TRS captures toxic heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, aluminum, lead, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins, and free radicals that impair your body and weigh down your mind. With daily use, a few sprays each morning and evening will reveal your body’s full potential.

  • Naturally Remove Toxic Heavy Metals (Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Arsenic, etc)
  • Naturally Remove Pesticides & Herbicides (including Glyphosate & Atrazine)
  • Naturally Remove Mycotoxins (including Alfatoxins) from Mold Exposure
  • Naturally Remove Plastic Residues
  • Support Healthy Levels of Vital Nutrients (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, etc)
  • Balance pH Levels
  • Boost Immune System Function



Use daily. Introduce gradually.

Take 2 sprays in the morning and 3 sprays in the evening by mouth.

As a rule of thumb, the usage rate is based on a person who weighs 150 pounds. Therefore, 150 pounds divided by 5 sprays is equal to 30 pounds per spray. For a child below 30 pounds, start with one spray and observe closely what happens.


Proprietary Lab-Made Clinoptilolite (1.0 mL per 5 sprays)

Other Ingredients: Ultra-Pure Water.

Our proprietary formula is clinically proven to support cellular toxin removal.

Nanotechnology = Effectiveness

Being nano-sized, the individual particles in Advanced TRS are maximally efficient at absorbing toxins. Think of a bath sponge. When you put it in water, the water flows into to sponge from the outside in. Now imagine your bath being filled with millions of floating foosballs the size of the holes in your sponge.

The water will carry them in at the beginning, but pretty quickly, the holes in the sponge will be clogged up, leaving a large part of the center of the sponge, dry, and unused. That is what happens when large zeolite particles are used in detox products. This means more than half of the material cannot be used. While zeolite itself is non-toxic, common sense tells us we should take only what we can optimally use, and what is effective, to reach better health.

That is what happens with Advanced TRS, virtually no excess, with extraordinarily effective results. One serving will not do a complete detox. Over time, consistently taking this product will remove toxins safely, gently and without the typical effects of harsh medical chelation agents.


Taken over a period of 90 days, Advanced TRS facilitates the body’s ability to extract toxic metals that it otherwise could not on its own. The graphic above demonstrates both the toxic metals extracted, as well as, when they are extracted after the first day of using Advanced TRS through 90 days of continuous use.


Each batch of Advanced TRS is rigorously tested, both internally and with independent 3rd party laboratories, to ensure that the product’s particle sizes, shape, and overall composition are uniform and maximize bioavailability, safety, and efficacy.

Below are two independent 3rd party tests of the Advanced TRS product, which confirm definitively that its molecular makeup is that of 100% pure clinoptilolite and that it is completely free of any heavy metals or other contaminants:




For more information, please check out the white paper: 
Coseva Advanced TRS Product Guide / White Paper



Coseva always recommends that the individual consult with their physician before beginning use of a supplement and to advise their physician of the use of any and all supplements.

AdvancedTRS is not medicine. Coseva does not engage in the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Coseva cannot recommend specific uses for Advanced TRS, other than in assisting the body in its normal healthy processes.

There is no documented reason to believe that Advanced TRS will not be safe for use while pregnant, however, pregnancy is a vulnerable state and the decision to use supplements needs to be made by each individual in consultation with their physician. Breast milk is glandular excretion of fluid with high fat content and it is not likely that zeolite of any form will be able to be excreted in this manner. There is no reason to believe that Advanced TRS will have an effect on breast milk.

While Advanced TRS is generally regarded as safe for use, a parent or guardian should consult with a pediatrician before administering to children under the age of three (3) years old. 

KEEP bottles OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if tamper evident seal is broken. Store at controlled room temperature (59°-86° F). Avoid excessive heat and humidity.

TRS Testimonies

“I just wanted to share how our TRS journey has been going!

My toddler with a speech delay went from making babbling noises, grunting and saying only one word to now copying almost every word I say, saying all of his letters, colors and numbers up to 9, after having him on only 1 spray a day for 3 weeks. The new words started literally on day 1 of the spray, and he keeps adding new ones every day. He’s only 2 years 3 months old!!

My husband has been taking it, too, and a rash (probably psoriasis, but never diagnosed) that he has had on his ankle for as long as he can remember is now completely gone after taking TRS for about 2 months!”

-Johanna C.

“Hi! When I first learned about TRS, I automatically knew I needed to share with my nephew who was diagnosed with autism. We weren’t claiming that diagnosis in Jesus’ name. Anyways, I recommended the product to his mama, and she got him on it!

At first, they started out slow. He took it and started showing some minor improvements. They slacked off, but knew they needed to start giving it to him again. Now a little over a year later, he has made huge gains! One of the biggest improvements is him talking more. Lately he’s even been showing more affection.

Get this, the last time they took him back to the pediatrician, the doctor told him that he needs to get “re-tested” because he doesn’t believe he is autistic. Praise God and thank you TRS!!”

-Erin B. H.


You can directly place your order with Coseva here: 


140 sprays per bottle

1 bottle = $95.00

3-pack bottles = $170.00 ($56.67/per bottle - approx $2/day) 

If you choose to become a distributer, to share TRS with your friends & family, and acquire an additional source of income, a 3-pack of bottles = $150 and you can earn commissions!

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.