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* Natural Vitamin E + MCT Oil for optimal absorption *

As a fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin E requires a source of healthy fats to assist with absorption. Our OPTIMAL-E is highly bioavailable as the vitamin E is offered in conjunction with MCT oil, a very rich source of healthy fats! OPTIMAL-E can be compared to liquid forms of vitamin E, (minus preservatives which are often unlisted). 

Why do horses require Vitamin E supplementation?

Supplementation of natural vitamin E is essential for most horses because they cannot internally generate it like they can other vitamins. In order to receive adequate amounts of vitamin E naturally, horses typically need to be on grass pasture for at least 12 hours a day, year round. For horses on sand lots or restricted pasture, Vitamin E supplementation can be crucial for them to thrive. 

Benefits Highlights:

  • Helps muscles, nerves & internal workings function smoothly
  • Acts an antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals
  • Helps fight off bacterial & viral infections
    • Antimicrobial effects, including anti-fungal
  • Strengthens overall immune system
  • Supports digestion
  • Supports healthy energy levels
  • Supports cardiovascular system
    • Supports improved blood circulation
  • Supports a normal inflammatory response
  • Supports neurological health 
  • Supports balanced blood sugar levels
    • MCT oil can lower blood glucose
  • Increases amount of oxygen the body receives
  • Helps maintain healthy weight
  • Supports a shiny coat, healthy skin, hair & hooves
  • Supportive for horses with Cushing's disease & other immune challenges
Related: What about Selenium?

While we're discussing vitamin E, I want to remind everyone how critical it is to also check your horse's selenium levels. In many areas of our country, we're in selenium-deficient zones (New England is one of them), which means there isn't enough selenium in the soil, therefore there isn't enough selenium in the hay / pasture. Selenium is absolutely critical for immune system function, muscle function, thyroid function, energy levels, fighting off infections and cancerous cells, etc.

Please request that your vet check selenium AND vitamin E in bloodwork. The test is usually around $170 and worth its weight in gold. Please reach out if your horse is selenium deficient and we can discuss a plan for supplementing selenium yeast that will meet his or her needs and won't cause overload.


Ingredients: d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate & MCT oil powder* (coconut). *Certified organic ingredient 

Serving Size: 1 tbsp, packed and level, (6.43 g) = 2,500 IU of vitamin E (introduce gradually over a few days)

Storage: Please store in a cool, dry place.

*WARNINGS (re: Vit E): 1) Do not provide supplemental vitamin E before surgery, as it can reduce the blood’s ability to clot. 2) In the rare case that your horse is anemic and on an iron supplement, avoid mixing any Vitamin E supplement with Iron supplements (hematinic) as it may negatively affect absorption rates. If you feed an Iron supplement along with Vitamin E, it is recommended that you feed them in separate doses (i.e., Vit E supplement in the morning and Iron supplement in the evening); this pattern avoids destroying the uptake of either supplement.