​​Yucc' It Up!

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When Your Horse Feels Good, Life Is Good.
Nuggets to Support Whole Body Function & a Normal Inflammatory Response

Customer Testimonials

​​"In two days, I noticed a difference in my horse's movement!  My equine massage therapist even complimented my horse and how great he looks already.  He loves them!"
"Yucc' It Up! is a life saver for my horse's disabling lameness.  He's now able to be active and is happily working as a therapeutic riding horse.  I couldn't be more thrilled!  Thank you!"
"The difference in my OTTB mare's performance is astounding.  I've never seen her feel so great!  Her energy is up and her movement is on point."

Barn Manager & Riding Trainer

​Certified Health Coach & Rider


​​"Yucc’ It Up! has made extreme improvements to my horse’s chronic hind-end lameness. After only three days, it was like riding a completely different horse.  I am blown away by the changes and so excited to add an all natural power house supplement to all of my horses diets!  Thank you so much for creating an amazing formula for success and healthy living!"
​​"If you're looking for a supplement that can help your horse with a variety of issues, look no further!
​My gelding's movement is noticeably better throughout... but his right hind, which is his nemesis, is especially better!  He's more relaxed overall and his chronic cough is occuring much less often and is less severe, to the point where he's now consistently rideable.  We are on the right track!"
​​"During our 3-day Trial on the Original formula, I totally noticed a difference on the second day my horse took it.  First, he let me catch him with no games or bribery, which was miraculous.  Second, riding wise he was cool, calm and collected which was a pleasant surprise.  :)
I've purchased the Advanced formula for the non-competition season and will be switching him onto this and off of his previous supplement!  Thank you so much."

Farm Owner & Riding Trainer

​Riding Trainer


"I am an Equine Massage Therapist and I was turned onto Yucc’ It Up!  after one of my clients gave them to her 17 year old Quarter Horse. Her gelding had always had a lot of tension in his hind end and obvious restriction of movement in his lower joints, most significantly notable in his hocks. After 14 days there was a remarkable difference in his comfort and range of motion. He was the most forward I had ever seen him, and I have been working with this horse for over 6 years. He was extending underneath himself and driving better than ever from the hind end. I own an 8 year old mare that had, had a coffin joint injury a couple years ago that resulted in surgery. Having seen my client’s success I decided to try Yucc It Up! with my own girl.
Orla (my mare) was on Yucc It Up! for about 2 weeks when I noted her stride had improved. Her hips are definitely where I see the most change. She has a tendency to get tight in her hips. I have fit her saddles to make sure she was not experiencing any lower back tension from equipment; so I knew it was not equipment related. Soon after her hip/thigh tensor muscle released, her hamstrings followed. She also seems to be loading her weight more evenly on the foot she had surgery on. What a difference this supplement made for her! She has never been one to track up under herself, ever. She was always 6-8 inches short of her front foot placement. Now she tracks with relative ease. I cannot say enough about Yucc’ It Up!  My mare is on the Original Formula and my client’s horse is on the Advanced Formula. There is another woman I know that is about to try these formulas out on her horse, and I am excited to see the change in him as well. I do not think there is a horse that could not benefit from one of these formulas."

​Equine Massage Therapist & Rider

​​"Results are in!  Nothing short of miraculous!!!  Our 32 year old gelding is dancing like a youngster and our 24 year old pony with laminitis is more comfortable than ever before!  We are thrilled!! 

 After six weeks on Yucc' It Up!, we also noticed dramatic results with our geldings severe, chronic IBS-D.  After years of trying everything we could think of, Sport finally has formed, healthy stools!"
​​"I have an older Appendix QH who pulled both his digital flexor tendons in his hind legs resulting in stiffness and arthritis.  I started him on joint/tendon supplements with little improvement.  During the winter months, when he became very stiff, I would have to use hock wraps on a daily basis. 

However, once on Yucc' It Up!, I saw a huge difference in only 3 days!  My stiff, old man became the young, full of life horse I use to have!  I don't have an indoor so he has been on vacation since the ground froze and even without exercise, other than turn out, I see a difference in his legs, his attitude, and even his muscle tone.  I can't wait to see what the Spring will bring us!!"

​Barn Owner/Manager, Trainer, Breeder & Rider

Equine Massage Therapist, Trainer & Rider