​​Yucc' It Up!

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When Your Horse Feels Good, Life Is Good.
Handmade Nuggets with Certified Organic Superfoods, Medicinal Spices, Wildcrafted Herbs & Pure Essential Oils. 

Return Policy

     Our return policy is... there is no return policy.  Fear not!  We have an even better policy in place. 

     Here are our terms & conditions: If your horse will not willingly eat the formula you purchased, let us know.  Please don't ship it back to us - give it to another equestrian friend to see if it can help their horse!  We will ship you a free Sampler Pack which includes one of each of our most popular nuggets (including our NEW Sweetened line).  You can test all of these for palatability with your horse, let us know which formula they prefer & we will ship you a full supply of that formula for free.  Please remember as you use the Sampler Pack: Only one formula per horse at a time; only one nugget per day.

     Did you purchase from us before but your horse wouldn't eat the formula you purchased?  No problem.  Let us know & we will gladly ship you out a free Sampler Pack & free supply of your horse's choice.  We want both you and your horse to be happy & we want to help your horse feel his or her best.  After all, this is all about them... and every single one of them matters to us.

     Most of our formulas could help nearly any horse.  For example, we may first suggest Gastric Support for a horse with significant GI challenges, but if they don't prefer the taste of that formula, that's okay... Original, Advanced or Elite could help them very much, as well.  Another example, we may recommmend Elite for a horse that requires help remaining calm, but you may find that any one of our formulas calms them just fine.  For horses with metabolic / IR challenges, however, we do recommend that you try our Cushing's / IR / Mood Support formula or one of our regular formulas (not sweetened, not Gastric Support).

      As always, please don't hesistate to reach out with questions.  We truly appreciate your feedback and would like to help you navigate this with your horse as best we can.

Blessings from our barn to yours,
The Yucc' It Up! crew