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When Your Horse Feels Good, Life Is Good.
Wholesome Nuggets with Organic Superfoods, Medicinal Spices, Wildcrafted Herbs & Pure Essential Oils. 

In the Media...

      Yucc' It Up! founder and owner, Daryl Anne, has either been quoted in or has authored the articles listed below. We hope you enjoy reading them!
         Stay tuned for a link to her latest article, "The Truth About Your Horse's Gut Brain Connection" in Equine Wellness Magazine's April 2019 issue. An in depth look at how your horse's diet and gut microbiota can determine their mental and emotional well being. Don't miss it! 

"Aged to Perfection; Nutrition for the Senior Horse", Northeast Equestrian Life Magazine (Jan-Feb 2018)​, Page 27
"Yucca and Equine Health", Equine Wellness Magazine, (February 2019)
"The Ultimate Equestrian Gift Catalog", Northeasat Equestrian Life Magazine (Holiday 2018), Page 24
"The Truth About Your Horse's Gut-Brain Connection", Equine Wellness Magazine (April 2019) - Coming Soon!